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GAA Hooter Timing System to be Scrapped?

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by Admin

According to Martin Breheny in the Irish Independent, the GAA’s Central Council is preparing to submit a motion to next month’s congress requesting that the rule requiring the hooter, which has been approved twice by previous sittings of congress, be deleted. The hooter is hooked up to a public clock and it sounds at the end of each half, taking this important job off the hands of an already busy referee. Apparently there are concerns about it being too difficult or expensive to implement at county grounds, which is a preposterous suggestion when we consider how many other sports use such a system.

If this is true, it will be a classic case of the defeatism and “it-will-never-happenism” that pervades the association. It is the kind of attitude that will surely be changed greatly if and when the sister sports of Ladies’ Gaelic football and Camogie ever come under the rubric of the GAA. Ladies’ football has used the hooter system for years without fuss. Maybe Central Council should consult the LGFA and find out how they did it rather than resorting to the standard GAA reaction of giving up before we even reach the first hurdle.

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