Waiting to Launch

The Untapped Global Potential of Gaelic Games

About the Book

Waiting to Launch Waiting to Launch is the product of over a decade of efforts to bring Gaelic games to a wider audience in the United States.  It is a result of the author reaching the limit of games promotion at grass roots level. Having felt like he exhausted every avenue of publicity accessible to him as a GAA Public Relations Officer, the games remained languishing in obscurity. This piqued his curiosity about why hurling and Gaelic football have such a low profile outside of Ireland’s shores, what can be done to address this problem, and why we should care.

Gaelic games have been played outside of Ireland since before there was a GAA to regulate them.  Yet while other games such as soccer, rugby and cricket went on to become globalized sports enjoyed by millions of people and watched by billions, Gaelic games did not.  They remain largely confined to one country with only a small following elsewhere, chiefly among communities of Irish emigrants.  How did this happen?

With a foreword by Sean Kelly MEP, this book is in three parts.

Part 1 is a personal account of the author’s attempt to bring hurling to a broader audience in the United States.

Part 2 is an examination of how today’s globalized sports came to their dominant position after having been codified in England, and compares their fortunes to those of Gaelic games.

Part 3 makes the case that the GAA needs to change its approach to the worldwide dispersal of Gaelic games in order to be more ambitious, and includes a series of radical proposals aimed at achieving a more globalized audience that is not limited to small communities of Irish emigrants or their descendants.